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kawai-kyandi asked:

What advice would you give to new riders just beginning to canter (aka myself) its my dream to become a competition rider and I want to get as good as i possibly can. High school for me is starting next year and there are a few equine boarding schools close to me. Do I need to be a fantastic rider to enter? Whats the best advice you could give a new rider? Thanks so so much!


im not sure what riding level you need to be to enter an equine boarding school but im sure they accept any considering they normally have a trainer/s on campus but i guess it would be fantastic to be able to canter smoothly and balanced beforehand but that’s something you can probably look into if you plan on going to that sort of school.

My best advice overall would be to take your time, have a great trainer with you to help you along and remember that the canter is probably the smoothest and easiest gait so it shouldn’t be too hard to master the canter and in no time you will be in the show ring!

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